The arrival of Casino Football

We are proud to announce the arrival of Casino Football, a new an innovative mobile casino website.

Being Football fans ourselves we wanted to create a football themed games portal like no other. We are so passionate about the beautiful game that we eat, breath and live it daily. If that does not sound over the top so far, then you are in the Right place.

With the arrival of new Premier League players along with new teams each season going up and down, we thought why not join the fun. So Casino Football was born, from the initial concept of our senior developer Frankie to the mapping out of ideas with the marketing team of Mike, Maria, James and Lucy.

The aim is simply to enhance an already existing and somewhat saturated casino market, with something a little more socially interactive. We plan on sharing all of our customers and staffs experiences with there favorite teams. This will be completed in some cases daily with videos, pictures and events from the football teams that we all support. We want to share the love of the game in the biggest and most exciting way possible.

For example Frankie supports – Brighton & Hove Albion & England

Lucy supports Liverpool FC & England

James Supports Chelsea FC & England

Maria supports Brighton & Hove Albion & Wales

Mike supports Brighton & Hove Albion & England

We will be adding a members listing page soon, listing all of our customers chosen names and there respective teams. ( More Games to follow on this)

Football Video of the month

James, Frankie & Mike attended the FA Cup Quarter Finals game between Manchester United and Brighton and Hove Albion. The game was played on the 17th March 2018 @ 7.45pm. The weather was freezing with snow and cold winds, however this didn’t stop everyone enjoying themselves. Please take a look at the Live Footage taken by some of the Casino Football team, whilst in the away end at Old Trafford in Manchester. Protection Status

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