The Online Scratchcard games are the perfect way to reproduce the curiosity and excitement of the physical lottery scratch cards. The casino game developers have shown great interest in creating an online version of physical scratch cards, and these online scratchcards became very popular in the online casino industry in the last few years.

Easy Game play

The reason behind the popularity of the online scratch cards game is the ease of play. You don’t need to be an expert of online casino games to try your luck by using online scratch cards. The Scratch card games are perfect for those who want to get rid of the complicated online casino games. Here at our mobile casino emporium, you can choose from a variety of games from roulette, slots to other table games.

Very Little Investment

These scratch card games allow you to bet with as little amount as you want, so you can enjoy the excitement of playing scratch cards to the best of your ability. There are no complex tactics involved in the game, which means you will get an effortless game play with a very little investment.

All you need is luck

To play and win the online Scratch cards, all you need is the luck on your side. There is no complexity and mental engagement involved in the game just like playing online poker or blackjack. All you will have to do is to place your bet and reveal what you get. The simplicity is the most attractive feature of the online Scratch cards games for players.

Variety of Online Scratch cards games

Hundreds of different scratch card games with different themes and modes are available at online casinos. Some of the scratch card games offer instant wins feature where a player has only one chance to click on a panel to reveal the payout. This is the least complex type of online scratch card game.

In some games, players have multiple chances to win. In this type of scratch card game, a player has different opportunities to try his luck. There are online scratch card games that offer online slot games like features where you have to match multiple symbols to trigger a payout. So dive on in and check out what Casino Football has to offer.

How to Play

The game works on the same basic principle of physical lottery scratch cards, but the only difference is that there will be no physical scratching of the silver coating. You will have to select your betting value, and press the play button.

You will have to click the buttons or panels on the screen to reveal your win. You can use the “Reveal all” buttons to speed up the game. The game play is very simple and quicker than other online casino games.

The online scratch cards games use a “Random Number Generator” for all symbols, this means that all the symbols have the same probability to appear on the screen. The variance of the Scratch Cards game is very important. A low variance scratch card game can payout a small win, and a scratch card game with high variance can give you impressive payout.


If you enjoy playing the physical lottery tickets, and want to try your luck in an online casino, then the online Scratch cards game is the best option for you. We have plenty of online Scratch Cards games available from world’s top games developers. Due to the simple game play, attractive graphics, and huge bonus features, the online Scratch Cards games gained so much popularity over the last few years.

So What do we believe are the Best Online Scratch Cards Games of 2020?

  1. Foxin Wins Scratchcard

After the success of The Foxin Wins slot game, NextGen Gaming has developed its scratch cards version. The popularity of the well suited Fox makes this Foxin Wins Scratch Cards game one of the most played games in the online casino world.

foxin wins scratch card game play

Theme and Symbols

The famous Mr. Fox himself takes the center stage of the game. As the game begins, you find yourself inside the rich Mr. Fox’s mansion. The game has very impressive graphics with thrilling sound effects, which keep you entertained during the game.

For instant win you will see some great symbols on the 3 × 3 grid, including a chair, a sports car, Mr. Fox portrait, golden statue, currency notes, a mansion and golden pot. Mr. Fox Portrait is the game’s highest paying symbol that can pay you up to 1000 times your bet.

How to Play

The game play is very simple. First of all you will have to select your bet value, and you can adjust your bet value from the slider on the right side of the screen. Press the play button for the instant win. The total 9 symbols in the game are arranged on a 3×3 grid. You can either scratch the symbols one by one to make the game more exciting, or you can press the reveal all option for a quick win.

You will have to match three symbols on the grid to win a payout. The game offers you eight different prizes, including the free bonus games. If you successfully match three chair symbols then it will award you 1X of your bet, three matching cash symbols will give you 2x of your bet. The golden statue will give you 5 times your bet, and Mr. Fox mansion will award you 10X your bet. Three matching sports car symbols will pay you 100X your bet.

Bonus Feature

The highest paying symbol of the game is Mr. Fox portrait, and if you successfully match three Mr. Fox portrait symbols then it will award you 1,000X your bet. You can also win 5 or more free games by matching three or more “golden pot” symbols on the grid. The slot machine game equivalent is also available on the Fox Wins Slot game page.

Final Thought

Most of the online casino fans prefer to play the Foxin Wins Scratch Cards game because of its huge jackpot of 1000X. The maximum bet you can make in the game is £200, it means if you land three Mr. Fox portrait symbols then you can win £200,000.

Foxin Wins Scratchcard game

  1. Merlins Millions Scratch Card game

Merlin’s Millions Scratch Card game is designed and developed by NextGen Gaming. If you are an online casino fan, then you must be familiar with the old wizard Merlin from the famous Merlins Millions Slot game. You will meet Merlin casting his spell in the game to give you an awesome chance to win the huge payout. Follow our Microsoft developer groups for more insights.

merlins millions scratchcard game

Theme and Symbols

The theme of the Scratch Card game is based on the famous Merlin’s Millions video slot game. If you have enjoyed playing the slot game then you will definitely love its scratch card version. Merlin’s Millions of Scratch game is full of magical spells, 3D graphics and amazing sound effects.

You will see symbols related to the old wizard Merlin, including the magic wand, spell book, Merlin’s owl, magic potions, Merlin’s table, game logo and Merlin’s picture. The magic wand symbolizes the low payout of the game, and the image of Merlin pays you the most. The game also features a wizard’s crystal ball symbol that can give you 5 or more free games to win the maximum.

How to Play

The Merlin’s Millions Scratch cards game is not expensive to play, you can start betting with as little as £0.01 per card, and the maximum bet that you can make is £5 per card. This is a perfect scratch cards game for new players who want to try their luck with a reasonable amount.

There are a total 9 symbols in the game that are arranged on a 3×3 grid, and you will have to match three or more symbols to win in the game. If you successfully match three magic wand symbols then it can pay you 1X your bet. Three Merlin’s table symbols can give you 2X of the stake. Magic potion symbols can give you 5X of stake and spell book can earn you 10X your bet.

The Merlin’s owl can give you 50X your bet, and the game’s logo can give you 100X your stake. The highest paying symbol is the Merlin’s picture, and if you are lucky to match three Merlin’s pictures then you can earn 1,000X your bet.

Bonus Feature

The Merlin’s Millions Scratch game also offers you free games. If you successfully match three magic orb symbols then it can give you 5 free games, which increases your potential to win maximum. All the earnings become double in the free games.

Final Thought

Merlin’s Millions Scratch Card game gives you a simple and interesting game play, which not only entertains you, but also provides you a chance to win a huge jackpot of 1,000X your stake. The game offers an RTP rate of 95.17%, and players also get frequent wins during the game. If you are a Merlin’s fan and love magic, then you should try your luck in this game.

  1. The Snake Charmer ScratchCard Game

After the success of the Snake Charmer Slot game, NextGen Gaming has created the Scratch Cards version of the game. The Indian sake has the power to make the game more interesting, and give you a huge jackpot to win. The Snake Charmer Scratch Card game can be played on all portable devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Theme and Symbols

The Snake Charmer Scratch Card game has the Indian theme with colorful graphics and Indian music. There is an amazing sunset landscape in the background of the screen and a green snake appears on the 3×3 grid to help you win big.

The game has eight symbols including the green snake, a snake charmer, an elephant, a flute, a snake charmer, a beautiful landscape, a dancer, snake basket, and music signs. The green snake is the high paying symbol in the game. The game also has a bonus feature, which can give you free games to pay, and you can trigger the free games by matching three snake charmer symbols

The Snake Charmer Scratch Card Game

How to Play

The game has easy game play. You can start your bet with 25p and can go as high as £200. There is a slider bar on the right side of the screen to adjust your bet. After adjusting your bet, you can hit the play button to see your card, and you can reveal all the symbols instantly by pressing the play button again. You can also scratch each symbol separately if you want.

The game also offers you the auto-play feature and you can go to settings to use the auto-play feature. You will only have to adjust the number of bets and your stake, and the auto-play feature will do the rest for you.

The lowest paying symbol of the game is the musical notation symbol that can pay you 1X your bet. If you land three elephant symbols on the grid then it gives you 50X your stake. The dancing girl can give you 100X your stake, and the highest paying symbol is the snake symbol that can pay you a huge 1000X your stake.

Bonus Feature

The snake charmer symbol can activate the slot bonus feature for you. If you successfully match three snake charmer symbols on the grid, then it can trigger the slot bonus feature for you. The snake will take you to a new screen where you will see a 5 reels snake charmer slot game. You will get 10 free spins with auto-play feature. This bonus feature can give you some awesome payout.

Final thought

It is a fast-paced game, which gives you instant win. For the people, who enjoyed playing the Snake charmer slot game, this scratch card version will be more exciting for them. Just like any other NextGen Gaming creation, the snake charmer also gives you an easy and entertaining game play. Other great games are available online such as the Lost Vegas slot game and the classic Cleopatra slot machine game.

  1. Super Cash Buster

The Super Cash Buster is a unique and captivating creation of IWG. If you are an online casino enthusiast then you must have played many famous instant win games by IWG such as Jungle Tumble and Sweet Treat, but this scratch card game is very different. Multicolored blocks and roll of dice gives you an interesting game play.

Theme and Symbols

You can say that IWG has gone beyond the norm while developing this game. You will not see reels, rows, symbols and pay-lines in the game, and unlike typical casino games, it employs a dice format. 3D colorful blocks on a dark blue background look amazing, and keep you engaged in the game.

The game has a stack of blocks of six different colors, which is known as the cash buster zone, and each color can earn you a different amount. You will have to remove a cluster of blocks with the same color. There is a dice on the left bottom corner of the screen that will decide the color of the block to be removed.

There are six meters for different colors at the center of the game, and each meter has empty spaces to be filled. You will see amazing animations on the screen during the game play.

super cash buster scratchcard game

How to Play

To start the game, you will have to set your bet value, and you can adjust your bet value with +/- signs. When you hit the play button, you will see a cash buster zone filled with clusters of blocks of different colors. You will have to destroy these clusters of blocks to win in the game.

For each bet, you will be awarded 8 rolls of dice. Every time you roll the dice, you get a different color on the dice face and the matching color blocks will be destroyed from the cash buster zone. There are meters for each color with a specific value that have empty spaces. So, the more the color of a kind you are able to eliminate from the cash buster zone, the faster the color meter will fill up.

If you successfully fill the green meter then it will give you £5 payout. The blue meter will give you £10. Filling up the purple meter will give you £50. The red meter has the value of £1,000 and you will receive £10,000 for filling up the orange meter. The yellow color meter has the highest value and if you are lucky enough to fill it, then it can pay you a huge sum of £250,000.

Bonus Features

Cash Prize Feature – if you luckily destroy the block which is labeled with a cash prize then you will be awarded with the labeled amount.

Extra Roll Feature– if you can smash the block labeled with extra roll then you will be awarded an additional roll for free.

Mini Game Feature: if you smash a block labeled with a mini game on it then you will get an opportunity to play a mini game. There are two mini games, which can be awarded. The first one is “Pick a Card” mini game. In this game, you will be shown six cards with the hidden prizes and you will have to pick one to win the prize. The second mini game is called “Spin the Wheel” where you will have to spin the wheel to win a random prize. This game is nothing like the Casino Football roulette online for money or card games, it is a quick and simple scratch card, making it super easy to play.

Final Thought

The Super Cash Buster has the quality to entertain the players for a longer time, and the player gets deeply engaged with the game for hours. The IWG has introduced a whole new gaming experience for the players in the game.

Other fantastic offerings in the slot game sector are Winstar slots and Supreme Football, both come highly recommended.

  1. Volcano Eruption Scratchcard game

Volcano Eruption Scratch Game is brought to you by NextGan Gaming. The Scratch Card version features the theme of the Volcano Eruption slot game. The layout of the game is similar to other Next Gen creations. The game takes you on a journey into the depths of the jungle where you can uncover hidden treasures to earn huge rewards.

Theme and Symbols

The game has an amazing jungle theme with a volcano eruption in the background. Just like the Volcano Eruption slot game, the scratch card version also has exciting features for players. The game has multicolored symbols including Berries, Butterfly, Red Frog, Oranges, Parrot, Monkey and Lizard. The Volcano Eruption symbol can trigger the bonus features of the game.

How to Play

The game play of the Volcano Eruption Scratch card game is very simple and exciting. You can place your bet between 1p and £5. You can adjust the value of your bet with a slider bar, and once you adjust the bet, you can hit the play button for the instant win. You can reveal all the symbols instantly by pressing the play button again.

Each symbol has its own value, and you will have to match three symbols on the grid to win the prize. If you successfully match three tropical fruits symbols then it can pay you 5X of stake, three frog symbols can pay you 10X your stake, three monkey symbols can give you 50X your bet, and the colorful parrot can give you 100X your stake. The highest paying symbol is the lizard symbol and if you are lucky to match three lizard symbols then you can earn 1,000X your bet.

Volcano Eruption Scratchcard Game
Volcano Eruption Scratchcard Game Example

Bonus Feature

The Volcano eruption is the bonus symbol of the game. The bonus round can be activated by landing three matching volcano eruption symbols on the grid. In the bonus round, a player will get a chance to climb the ladder and collect the flames. You can win up to 50,000X your bet during the bonus round.

Final Thought

The Volcano Eruption Scratch card game takes you on a trip into the jungle to find the hidden treasure. The game has a low return to player percentage of 90.43%. The game has stunning graphics, and its simple game play makes it the perfect option for newbies. The game has an attractive bonus feature, which can pay a huge payout.

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