If you enjoy playing card games, then Blackjack has to be the easiest and one of the most popular games in the world.  Welcome to mobile Blackjack from Casino Football, the home of mobile casino gaming.  So put your feet up, grab your phone or tablet device and ask the dealer to deal you a set of cards.

Casino Football’s mobile Blackjack is probably the nearest thing you can find online to the tradition land based casino blackjack game.  Not only that the game works on 99.99% of mobile phone types as well as tablet devices.

The game is simple, try to beat the Dealer’s cards by holding as close to 21 in value as you can.  There are of course other hands that are powerful such as a 5 Card Trick, which basically consists of 5 cards that together score under or the same as 21.

Each deck of cards hosts the usual picture based symbols such as Jack, King, Queen etc.  Not forgetting the magical Ace, that can be scored as 11 or 1, which one offers you the better hand.

Blackjack Gameplay Explained

Firstly a wager is set within the mobile game, this can vary however typical values range from as low as 10p to £10.  Secondly you will be provided with two cards from the dealer, this is when the game begins.

There are obviously various choices to make in the game, for instance if you have a King and an Ace card, then you should say “Stick” and not ask for anymore cards.  This is because scoring 21 exactly is the optimal hand in Blackjack.  However If you are dealt a 5 and 7, then you need to say “Hit” or “Twist” and then you will be issued with another card.  The aim is to ensure you don’t go over 21 in total, and that you get as close to it as you possibly can.  So if you were to have a 5, 7 and a “Hit” card of 2, you will need to ask for another card.

The rules are pretty simple to get used to, and if you master the art of probability, then you are likely to do well at this game.

There are also some curve balls in the game, such as splitting your set of cards. This option is available if the dealer provides you with 2 identical cards on the first deal, you then have the option to split the 2 cards and have a new card added to each set.  This doubles your chances of gaining a better alternative hand, which is an excellent edge to have within the game.

As with all betting, we always recommend you only play Blackjack or any of our mobile slot games for Fun, and please bet responsibly.

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