Million Pound Jackpot Winner

Million Pound Jackpot Winner Ben Heath, a professional poker player from Brighton in the UK, has just won a staggering $1,484.085 in Las Vegas

That works out at nearly £1.2 pounds sterling, a life changing win for anyone. What is more, Ben took home the World Series Poker Bracelet too in the $50,000 event.

The tournament Ben took part in was called the WSOP No Limit Hold Em High Roller, a popular poker competition.

There were 110 entries in the tournament with Ben finishing in 1st place and winning the top prize.

We have added below the top 5 finishing statistics:

1Ben HeathUnited Kingdom$1,484,085
2Andrew LichtenbergerUnited States$917,232
3Sam SoverelUnited States$640,924
4Dmitry YurasovRussia$458,138
5Nick PetrangeloUnited States$335,181

Please see the following post from the Official WSOP Instagram account:

Ben is a Mathematician who took up Poker as he loved playing the game.  This is Ben’s largest win within his Poker playing career, a truly remarkable achievement.

After finishing his Degree in Mathematics with first class honors, Ben dreamed of playing poker for a living. Initially playing with friends, he soon gained an insight into the potential of playing the game for large prize funds.  Warwick University clearly taught him well, as he clearly has a Super brain that has mastered the art of winning at Poker.

So far Ben has won over £3.5 Million pounds in all competitions, making him one of the best poker players in the United Kingdom.

It must be very rewarding knowing that you have a First Class Degree with honors as a backup in case you choose to change into another career.  This is a great example of how hard work and dedication can take you anywhere you dream of in life.  The key is to keep on learning and doing the best you can, as the old saying states “You have to be in it to Win It”. There are other games such as mobile roulette that other mathematicians have been looking at ways of increasing the chances of winning.  However Poker appears to be the game of choice among professional gamblers around the world.

Even way back in 2015, Ben finished 60th in the World Series of Poker competition and won around £6000. This fueled Ben’s ambition further and motivated him to go on and become a better player.

Whilst luck does play a part in Poker, Skill and desire are other ingredients that help separate the winners from the losers.

In early 2017 Ben competed in the Bahamas and finished in 42nd place and won another tournament that was being hosted there too.  This win pocketed him over £110,000 and motivated him to continue on his Poker Quest.

In Melbourne, Australia Ben moved up to 2nd place and collected over half a million pounds in prize money.  The path to his success is clear to see, as the prize money has been increasing along with the improvement in finishing positions within these tournaments.

The team at Casino Football envisage several more large wins in 2019 and beyond as Ben takes the Poker Scene by storm.

Check out the following Video of Ben discussing the Win in more detail on Youtube.

Check out the Official Podcast below.

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