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Overview of the great game of Space Invaders You will not find even a single person who is not familiar with the iconic arcade game Space Invaders. It was created by Tomohiro Nishikadu and published by Taito in 1978. If you are a gaming lover then you must have played Tito’s Space Invaders. Forty years […]
Understanding The Martingale System & The Anti-Martingale System The Martingale is usually the first choice of a novice gambler and is probably the oldest of betting progressions, many other systems are based on the basic theory of the Martingale, and so to evaluate most systems you need a full understanding of the Martingale. General Concept […]
Become a big shot roulette player with our handy d’Alembert System Guide! The d’Alembert System, the most famous roulette progression system, was born around the middle of 1700 and invented by one of the major mathematician and philosopher of the French Enlightenment. The d’Alembert is also known as “The Pyramid”, because of the shape of […]