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Have you ever wanted to learn more about playing Poker Strategies? The phenomenal growth of online multiplayer poker presents the opportunity of winning big – but only if you know how to play well, and, more importantly, when not to play a hand at all. We’ve seen people throw away great poker hands, and many […]
Video Poker Advice – What is video poker? Five card stud was once the most popular form of poker, but is now rarely played as a game, having been upstaged by Texas Hold Em and Omaha. However, although virtually extinct at the poker table, five card draw poker is enjoying a renaissance in the form […]
Omaha Poker is a polarising game: players seem to either love it or loathe it, with little middle ground. Omaha is played in two versions: as a high game only, or as a split pot game. The difference is that in Limit Omaha Hi there is only one winner (except for a tie hand) and […]
Bluffing Techniques Explained – A lot is made about bluffing in poker, but I don’t think it’s as prevalent as most people believe. Understanding this when playing in a poker tournament , is a huge advantage to any poker player.  What is a Bluff? It is the opportunity to discover someone’s ‘Tell’ or hand. A […]
After learning that some of our customers were not completely aware of how to play Poker, we decided to create a simple Poker Guide. Firstly the Poker hands have been compiled below, these relate to the winning hand types. Poker Hands ‎There are over 2.5 Million types of Poker hands available within a typical game […]