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After learning that some of our customers were not completely aware of how to play Poker, we decided to create a simple Poker Guide.

Firstly the Poker hands have been compiled below, these relate to the winning hand types.

Poker Hands

‎There are over 2.5 Million types of Poker hands available within a typical game of poker.

Straight flush – This is when a card hand holds five typical cards in a set sequence.

Four of a kind – This relates to holding four cards of one type.

Full house – This is when a poker player holds three matching poker cards of one type and two matching poker cards of another type.

Flush – When a player holds all five poker cards that are the same suit, these do not have to be in order.

Straight – This is when a poker player holds five cards of a similar type, this can be in a similar type.

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same suit, along with a variation of remaining cards.

Two pair – This is when a poker player holds 2 cards of the same type, as well as two other cards of another matched type.

One pair – This relates to a poker player holds two cards of the same type / suit.

There are many other types of Poker, often the rules vary from game to game, one example of a more popular poker game is Texas Hold em.

poker hand types

Poker Card History

Many players around the world who apply themselves to online gambling within casinos do not wish to understand the origins of their games let alone the origins of the tools that make these games possible. With this in mind I have written this article to show you about the history behind one of the most important tools for any poker or card game player and these are of course the playing cards.

Many of the worlds leading experts have stated that the playing card was first introduced in China sometime during the ninth century where they were used as a children’s playing tool for games and so on but were soon used by both children and adults alike. This is how cards were used for many years until eventually they were transported abroad by many of the worlds silk merchants who frequently traveled to India and other exotic locations.

There were again accounts of cards being created in Egypt around the same time where they were used within one of the regimes most famous periods being the Mamluk Sultans. This period is where the number of cards and suits originated with them being fifty two cards divided into four suits of thirteen and this is how they have stayed ever since. The earliest recorded reference to playing cards in Europe was when they were seen in Spain back in thirteen seventy one and from there they progressed to all the major countries across the continent.

The history of the playing card has stated that in the early days of this brilliant invention that all of the cards were hand made by the person who wished to use them but as time moved on they were eventually moved into the mass production market due to their popularity. In the early days the suits of these cards were not set in any specific way and it was not until the fifteenth century that they were in fact changed to what we see and love today. It was in France during the fifteenth century that the suits of spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds came into existence and these choices were further endorsed by the British as it gave universality to the cards.

The next large change to the way we see cards today did not come until the seventeenth century when finally indices were added to the top corners of the cards which was designed to allow the player to see what cards they were holding without having to use two hands to spread them out making it much easier for the player. The last significant change to the long running cards was in the eighteenth century where the court cards were made reversible and the figures were then made full length across the cards. This made it easier for players to hold their cards without having to receive them upside down and risk other players seeing their cards whilst they were rearranging their cards into the correct position.

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An Introductory guide to Online Poker

If you have ever wondered how the worlds best poker players have got where they are today you will need to understand many basic things about the game of poker and they way it is played differently around the world.

There are many tactics that are used within online casino poker and each of these tactics makes the player not just more technically sound but also provides the player with an increased level of confidence. The skills poker players learn come over time and it can be a long drawn out process learning them but for many players it is more than worth the effort. In this article we will provide you with a basic introduction to the game of poker so we hope this will give you a better understanding of what is involved in this wonderful and exciting card game. There are many tips we can give you when talking about poker and each of these tips will hopefully add another weapon to your arsenal so we will discuss below some of the basic tips you should know before playing poker online.

The first tip about playing poker online is that you should always do your very best to choose the right location for your games as there are so many gaming vendors out there who are offering the game right now. Choosing the right one can be the difference between feeling relaxed in your games and not enjoying them as the layouts of some websites may need suit the way you like to play.

The next tip we would like to give you is that if you are serious about becoming a successful poker player then you should do your very best to learn the tricks of the trade. These tricks can be anything from working out the odds of winning hands all the way to staying in the right games when you have certain combinations of cards. There are many resources for this type of information and it can be a key ingredient to success to know as much as you can about the game. Another tip when starting to play poker is to always go to the table with a clear mind as if you have your thoughts somewhere else you could quickly find yourself making mistakes you may never usually make and losing large amounts of your hard earned money.

Talking about money it is always great advice to never play poker with more money than you can reasonably afford as if you are playing poker games for lets say your life savings then this could add incredibly to the tension within the game and it can cloud your judgement. Many times over the years have I seen players gambling away their savings and the main reason they have lost these games is that there was too much pressure on them to win and people can quickly lose concentration at times like these.

Another great tip we would like to offer you also is that if you are new to poker then you should sit down and go through all the rules of the game so you are able to fully understand every move that goes on during a game. It can be quite disappointing and unprofessional if you are playing poker and have not got a clue what the rules are.

The main thing to remember when playing poker is that like any game it should be enjoyed by the person playing it as this helps you become motivated to win. Ok you may say that the money is your motivation but this should never be just the case as if you enjoy them game and are relaxed it can become much easier to use all your knowledge and experience and win games.

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Guide to Bluffing At Poker

The Art Of Bluffing At Online Poker games: One of the most useful and indeed essential tools that any poker player can have in his arsenal is the art of bluffing as this can allow poker players to manipulate opponents to believing they have much better cards than they are in fact holding.

Bluffing as a whole can take years to perfect and in some cases may take longer but being good at this can be the difference between winning and losing games. If you can bluff well you will find that you can hold relatively poor cards and win games with them by making the opponent believe that you have a much better hand and force them to fold. We have decided to provide you with key poker tips and tricks which will help you become much better at bluffing than ever before. The first issue we would like to discuss is whether you will be using a bluff to win a game or in fact confuse your opponent. By this I mean if you are holding a poor hand then if you were down to the round before the river card and you checked you would have little chance of forcing your opponent to fold so at this point you would of course either bet or raise the pot to make your opponent believe you have something better and win the game. We also have some interesting news on bingo games here too.

This can also work on the other hand whereas if you were in fact holding a very good hand capable of winning then you would do the opposite and check the round as to draw your opponent in to believing you have nothing but a poor hand. Other mobile table games and slot machine games are also available at Casino Football.

Another great tip we have learnt over the years is for you to apply as much pressure as possible to your opponent and in turn not letting them relax in any way. This can be done by playing hands and using betting patterns that are not consistent to the way you have played in previous rounds. This forces your opponent to rethink his strategy as he will doubt the way he has read your game and this can cause your opponent to make costly mistakes which can win you the game. In addition to this another tip we can give you is to pick your bluffs in the right way as if you have noticed that your opponent has any type of weakness you can then use this against them and win more games than you would expect.

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The way to do this is to play a few games carefully until you have seen or found your opponents weakness and then use this to your advantage by rising at times you feel they will crumble and of course folding when you feel they are holding good hands.

As you can see the art of bluffing at online poker games can be used in many ways and it takes a large amount of practice before you can perfect this but once you do you will see like we do that it can give you a great advantage over opponents. A good way to practice bluffing is to play some friendly games against a friend who knows you well and then attempt to deceive them into thinking you have better hands as if you can do this to someone who knows you well you will be sure to fair better against an opponent who knows nothing about you at all.

The most important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect and these skills are never formed over night so you must have persistence and faith that you can in fact learn these skills eventually. Please see the player card examples below:

Card Types

We have added some useful Tutorial Videos below, detailing more knowledge on how to play poker.

Typical Poker Rules Video

Examples of good Starting Poker Hands

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